About Us


History of Global Link Afrika

We trace our history to the experience of the founder members as they served as students’ workers with FOCUS Uganda (the IFES movement in Uganda).

 As students’ staff workers; the team challenged students and graduates to consider involvement in missions, and servant leadership and to champion the cause of social transformation. Many students and young graduates consistently showed interest and felt the call to commit to short term and sometimes even long-term missions endeavor.

 However, there was no organized way of tapping and channeling such potential. It was painful and indeed frustrating to watch such potential, get swallowed up by the pressures and/or pursuit of life and its pleasures. The lack of an organized mechanism of tapping into this missions potential, created the burden and indeed a wish for a ministry that serves to bridge the gap between skills, callings, passion and service opportunities. This state of affairs is what led to the process of the formation of GLA as a mission agency in 2012.