Transformation among the Ik

In the photo, from right to left is Amos Epau (a teacher), Dan Ezama (a Nurse), Bosco Ocan (social worker) and James Nahate (Administrator). These are the four young missionaries who have been sent by Global Link Afrika to serve in HARD TO REACH place that is, IK community in Timu sub-county, Kaabong District, North Eastern Part of Uganda. IK community is the smallest
Ethnic group found in Uganda and they are highly marginalized due to their location (the horn of the Uganda). They are a bit unique and live a different lifestyle from real karamojong. They are farmers.

There are many needs in this community but GLA is prioritizing majorly in four main Areas; Education, Health, Community development and Gospel transformation.



The Ik community  has two community schools all these stop in primary four class. Children in IK study to reach primary four then they will say that I have finished my studies because there is no any class after primary four. This has made Global Link Afrika to consider Education to be first priority among other activities.


The four GLA missionaries in IK  help to teach Children in Timu Primary School. Timu Primary School has a total enrolment of 764 as of 2023. Global Link Afrika started Primary Five last year 2023 and now those children has passed to primary six in 2024. So our main dream is to have primary Seven next year 2025 for the first time in history of Timu Sub-county.


Though we have nice dream to have Primary seven next year, the major challenge now is that there are no classrooms for pupils. That’s why we are trying to raise a temporary structure for the upper classes as you can see from the photos below. Currently, we are mobilizing 100 iron sheets for this temporary structure. We tasked the local community to bring poles and they have brought that’s why poles are standing as you are seeing. The iron sheets mobilization is very urgent coz we need to roof the building before rainy season starts. Each iron sheet is rated at 50,000/= this is Kaabong price. So 50,000 x 100 iron sheets = 5,000,000/= UGX.

In addition, primary One B is studying under the tree. So during rainy season, their studies is
always disrupted by the weather that’s why we are struggling to put for them a temporary structure
for the mean time. This is because when it rains, those learners have no option apart from going
home or stay under veranda to take shed.


Ik community has one Health center in the whole sub-county and that is Health Center II but this health center is not situated at the center which can enable the whole sub-county to benefit from its services equally. People from TUL-TUL parish which is the last, have to travel 11 kilometers to access health services of which it is very hard for young and old people to travel such a distance because going to the health center you climb the hill. Since GLA started serving in IK, they have been helping in emergencies using the motorcycle as the local Ambulance to rescue lives in two parishes that is Kapalu and Tul-Tul Parishes. We take patients to Health Center II when their condition is badly off and sometimes when they are referred them Either Kamion Health Center III or Kaabong Referral Hospital. But emergencies often come when we don’t have fuel in the motorcycle and most of them can’t afford to fuel the motorbike. Fueling and servicing the motorbike are among the great challenges we face in the mission field. The total amount of fueling and servicing the motorbike monthly is 160,000/=


Still in health! Since we have a professional nurse with us(the IK team), he has been helping us
in training the community on personal hygiene such as; how to construct and use latrines, how to prevent malaria, how to keep water sources clean, and how to keep our environment clean. Nurse is also helping to treat children in school with the little First Aids kit that GLA provided during
Medical Camp August 2023.


We are doing Bible studies with Kapalu PAG church and Tul-tul Anglican, door-to-door
Evangelism, Discipleship program (tul-tul, kapalu, compassion Children Timu and Kaabong
Archdeaconry compassion Children in Kaabong town). We are also running morning devotion
at Timu Primary School with children and teaching staff. Guidance and counseling is among
the programs that we are running in Timu Primary School, especially for teenagers/Adolescence.
Ministry programs that we are running cover the whole Timu sub-county and our main
aim is to transform children when they are still young so that after ten years from now, Timu Sub–county will never remain the same. At Timu Compassion project, we are discipling 30


children and 230 children handling Bible studies. From Tul-tul parish we are walking with
11 youths whom we are discipling and from Kapalu Parish, we have 6 youths who are
walking with us.

In conclusion, We are also practicing Agriculture where each of us GLA missionaries in IK have
our garden. We are planting majorly beans and maize. When we started encouraging community
members to engage much in Agriculture that was 2021 and in 2023 we started seeing changes.
So those are the activities we are trying to run in Timu sub-county in order to bring transformation in this community. It’s both spiritual and physical transformation.

Written by Bosco Ocan
Missionary among the Ik, Kaabong District