Meeting the Needs of the People as You Serve

My name is Droti Jonathan a laboratory assistant by profession and currently serving alongside 2 other GLA missionaries in Kei Health Centre in Yumbe district, West Nile region of Uganda.

Exposure to a different belief system

Serving in Kei has enabled me to learn things about other religions especially Islam that i never knew. I discovered that it’s due to the influence of the Sharia, the Muslims display a superior attitude to the Christian community around them, in matters of political leadership, traditional leadership and religious influence. Islam has the upper hand in almost all way of life, it seems the speech and thought patterns of the people are equally Islamized. I met the Muslim Brotherhood on my first day in Rodo trading Centre in Kei, going around with the public address system from market stall to stall, duka to duuka, compelling people to give for the extension of their mosque, and I saw the people, as though while trembling pulling out their little money and handing over to this man with a tag on his head and a large basin at hand. The way people treat their neighbors, and wives, the ideas about marriage and family life, the dress code, even in churches is Islam cultured.


Even in the midst of all this, God has been working in spectacular ways. Here are some of the stories of success and testimonies:

I was welcomed into a home to take shelter from the rain, it was a tiny hut where a couple lived and sold their local brew for earning a living. Before leaving, I felt the need to share the gospel with them, and prayed for them, Bernard, Lilian, and Jenifer, hoping that they would choose to put their trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior

Secondly, I met with three Muslim young men, in the process of executing my regular laboratory duties, and shared the gospel with them, with the help of Mark Durie’s book ‘Liberty to the Captives’ hopefully they will think about what we discussed.

We have continued to hold an evening devotion with the few that are committed to coming for the study of the gospel of mark. (One member is a Muslim convert) We do a daily expositional preaching, and every morning on week days we share the gospel with staff and patients of Kei health Centre iii.



Here are the As you pray for our team in Kei, pray that:

We will be able to share the true gospel. We are learning about what the people believe, their belief in God and in Jesus, and are using what I’ve learned so far to cross bridges to the gospel.

The community lacks clean water for drinking, there are many boreholes in place but some of them are shallow and the return of the rainy season makes them dirty. I and my team are boiling the water and cooling it before drinking and we hope that everyone we educate on this will do the same so that we can avoid water-related infections like helminth and Bacterial infections.